Daniel Arango (b.1982 Colombia)

After Daniel completed his MFA from RISD, he embarked on an artistic and spiritual journey. For the past ten years Daniel has been traveling around the world with his nomadic studio, making art shaped by the places he’s been and the people he’s met. His artwork is filled with stories of his past, present, and future.

Since he was a child Daniel has never felt completely at home anywhere, always feeling the urge to move on. He attributes this urge to his earliest experience: of being kidnapped by his grandparents at age three, and spirited away from Colombia to Miami where he was raised. His memories of the vibrant colors of the Carnival de Barranquilla and the tropical birds from his brief childhood on the Caribbean left an indelible mark. As a teenager, living near the water in Miami, similar colors, rhythms and cultures were infused with sexual energy. Later on when Daniel moved to New York City for university that energy was magnified by the layers, structures and grids of city life. 

With impeccable craftsmanship and an eye for the invisible, Daniel creates his own world in a unique format of painting, tufted painting, drawing, sculpture, architecture and film. His art is intricately layered with images of bodies, objects, digestion, plants, animals, buildings, spirits, sexuality, penises, and cereal.

Some of his canvases combine hand painting with yarn tufting and other canvases with digital printing, narrating his encounters with nature, people, and environments, and blending history with contemporary culture. Daniel builds alters, confessionals, and spirit houses among other structures. He makes organic cereal, cereal boxes, and is designing his own supermarket to house different consumer products. 

Daniel is currently building the Spirit House (of Daniel) high above the Colombian Andes, as a monument to his travels and a peaceful future. Big enough for him to live in, made of stone, wood and canvas. It will be his shelter, and a studio for a few months.

Daniel received a MFA degree in Painting from Rhode Island School of Design (2010) and a BFA in Interior Design from the School of Visual Arts (2005) in New York.