Interventions / Performances




Honors, Awards and Grants













Rhode Island School of Design   Providence, RI

Master of Fine Arts, Honors, Painting



School of Visual Arts   New York, NY

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Interior Design



Istituto Europeo di Design   Madrid, Spain

Interior Architecture studies 


Daniel Arango (b.1982) is a Colombian born, American raised artist, who roams the world making work and looking for inspiration. Previously based in New York City, he’s been moving nomadically with his studio since 2011. For Arango’s most recent series he composed intricate layered digital drawings exploring his environment in relationship to history and contemporary culture. He pulls inspiration from art objects, antiquities and buildings of the world’s great cultural institutions, namely The Metropolitan Museum and The Louvre Museum. For the Hawaiian Series he lived in the Maui jungle for four months harvesting plants and absorbing the exotic environment. Through a detailed process of drawing from life, manipulating and playing off the images represented, to printing and applying paint, often painstakingly painted so there is no trace, Arango creates images of depth and real beauty.


Arango's family fled Colombia’s civil war when he was three, moving to live near his grandparents in Miami. Arango received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design from the School of Visual Arts in New York City and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting from Rhode Island School of Design. Training in both interior design and painting influence his art practice very much. The impact of  architectonics is integral to the finished work. Arango creates tight structures within his works to act as a point of departure from which to explore a looser imagining of line and form in the composition, and to liberate the self within a rigid homogenizing society.